About Us

We exist to unite the competitive athletic community.

GRPZ Sports was founded by a semi-professional athlete with 18 years experience in the Sports, Health, and Fitness industry.

"I started GRPZ to bring together a community of competitive athletes consisting of individuals who regularly find ways to improve their competitive performance."

"I quickly became obsessed with the science behind external factors that aid to improve my performance, some we can control and some we cannot. It is now my duty to consistently provide the GRPZ community with the tools that will aid to improve their performance." 

At GRPZ Sports, we understand the unique requirements of athletes and the importance of having the right gear. We take care in our products and invest in premium materials to bring you the best of the best.

Due to the engineering of our Performance Grip Socks, athletes have reported that GRPZ Sports socks last 3x longer than regular grip socks and are twice as comfortable. One thing we will not compromise on is the quality of our materials.